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Instructor Spotlights


Date 09/20/2022

Kaitlyn Carson received her BFA from Colorado State University in dance choreography, performance, and pedagogy (what a mouthful!), with a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation. We’re not sure when she had time to sleep, but...  READ MORE

Bringing Precision and Passion to Pilates – Meet Sarah!

Date 07/19/2022

One of the benefits of working out at TZone is getting to work with our experienced trainers who can help coach you to proper form and better health! Sarah is one of our pilates experts...  READ MORE

Cheering You on to Health – Meet Marisa!

Date 07/19/2022

One of the great things about working out at TZONE is that we are genuinely excited to help you achieve your fitness goals, and our instructors bring the know-how to help you get there! We...  READ MORE

Boxing with the best

Date 04/14/2022

We’re always trying to one up ourselves at TZONE and we think we outdid ourselves when we brought on Adrian Contreras, our new boxing coach. What’s your fave exercise and why? During college, I played...  READ MORE

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