Date 09/20/2022

Kaitlyn Carson received her BFA from Colorado State University in dance choreography, performance, and pedagogy (what a mouthful!), with a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation. We’re not sure when she had time to sleep, but clearly, she brings an impressive pedigree to TZONE!

In her sophomore year of university, Kaitlyn suffered a severe foot injury that resulted in multiple fractures, leaving her unable to train. This injury launched her into a passion to learn about human anatomy and injury prevention. Once she returned to training and dancing full time, COVID-19 hit the world and this left her devastated to be training from home (relatable much?). However, there was a massive silver lining to the shutdown: she began training in pilates as a way to make up for the lack of in-studio time. 

Kaityln was fortunate to have multiple professors that used pilates as a method of cross-training to supplement their professional dance careers and shared their ample knowledge. She fell in love with the pilates method and began spreading it to other dancers. She currently trains competition dancers using many modifications of pilates fundamentals. Her style of teaching focuses on alignment and proper technique to allow her clients to unlock their full mobility and help them to work towards their athletic goals, no matter what those may be! 

Kaitlyn loves to meet her clients where they are on their fitness journey. We love that she believes everyone is meant to move and enjoy their athleticism to the fullest, whether that be a career in athletics or simply being able to enjoy the outdoors with their loved ones. Kaitlyn is dedicated to helping everyone she works with to find the best version of their body and is very passionate about recovery and taking care of your body outside of the studio as well. Our dancer-extraordinaire hopes to see you in classes soon, and can’t wait to share her love of movement with you!

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