Countdown to a summer of sun, fun, and buns

Countdown to a summer of sun, fun, and buns

Date 04/14/2022

Summer is just around the corner. And you know what that means: swimsuit season. That’s right, it’s about to get hot. Whether or not you’re a beach goer, a poolside lounger, or a shirtless jogger, to beat the heat sometimes you gotta shed some layers. It’s 2022 and the science is in. Exercise releases feel-good hormones into the body that reduce stress, boost self-esteem, improve sleep, and ward off a variety of negative health issues. It increases muscle tone, builds bones stronger, reduces body fat, and increases energy levels. Long story short exercise good, sedentary lifestyle bad.

If you’re like most of us, getting focused on fitness post-pandemic is, frankly, a chore. TZONE is here to change all of that. We believe getting into shape doesn’t have to suck.

We offer group classes for fitness amateurs and experts alike that are friendly, fun, and only play bangin’ music.

Our Pilates classes are next level with state-of-the-art reformers and instructors that will get you in motion.

And, we’ve got certified personal trainers who know what they’re talking about and know how to knock those pounds off.

So, kickstart your summer at TZONE. We’re currently offering a free introductory class to come in and check us out +  50% off your first month’s membership – good now through the end of May. Sign up here today!

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